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Today I have a day off, which is a remarkable gift. I currently have two internships (working on campaigns) and a part time job, so days off are extremely scarce; however, this one came right when I needed it to. My work typically consists of me knocking on doors, making calls, entering data, so while not particularly taxing, the commute and the late hours are killer.  Typically I get home from work around 9:30ish and I am passed out by 10:30. With not much time to recharge from work, it has been crazy important that in the free moments I have after work I take time to relax, breathe, get off of the computer and just recharge from the day.

Last night was a little different because my boss at my part-time job said he didn't need me at work today, which means I have one whole day to relax, recharge, and to get things done around the house to make the rest of my week easier.

From taking things to the recycling center, to doing some laundry, days off are great days to get some stuff done that will make the rest of the week easier. So today, this is what I am up to:
  • Laundry
  • Recycling
  • Donating old clothes
  • Cleaning
  • Dr. Appt
  • Relaxing
  • Watching some Homeland

When y'all get a day off (planned or not) how do you spend it? Vegging out on the couch or doing house work? Or are you like me and try to have a happy medium?


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