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So something happened today and honestly I really can't believe it happened.

Today I ran over to Au Bon Pain to grab some lunch. I picked up some watermelon and some greek yogurt. Feeling good about my nutritional choices (aka not getting a bagel), I got in line  when a guy approached me. I wouldn't say he was homeless, but probably one of the millions of New Yorkers who go hungry everyday. He was muttering under his breath and at first I thought he was talking about being on a hunger strike and wanting me to sign a petition or something. So my initial thought was  "good for you...doing what you believe in", it actually turns out that he was hungry and wanted some the Au Bon Pain. He could've asked me for food and I would've bought it (honestly, if he asked nicely and at a normal volume I would have) but he didn't. I just said (as watermelon juice is dripping down my arm) that I didn't have any cash on me (the truth-I don't keep cash on me) and he kept asking in that low voice and I kept saying the same thing  "Sorry, I don't have any cash".

Finally, after the fifth time he just looked at me and said, at normal, if not loud, volume "You shouldn't be eating anyway"  before walking away. Thank god all I was getting for lunch was yogurt and watermelon or I really would've wanted to die. I then paid and walked over to get my fork and spoon when he approached me again. This time I simply said "Fuck off", which he responded with "God bless you miss, God bless you".

Let me just say, I am not thin. Like at all. But I am also not fat. I have shape and curves but a flat tummy and I work hard to get into good shape. Right now it isn't great, but I'm literally working myself to death, so I'm willing to make some concessions for sleep. Still, this is one of the worst things a girl can hear. When a girl hears,  "You shouldn't be eating anyway", millions of thoughts collect in her mind, "Is he right?" "How bad do I look?" "No one says I'm fat, maybe I really am and no one will tell me" etc etc

Looking back hours later, I can laugh at it but it still is supremely strange and not fun and absolutely absurd. Well that happened....
Oh canvassing. Young people in politics dread you, and admire your power. But mostly dread you. Canvassing is the act of knocking on doors during a campaign and trying to spread the word about your candidate, while also getting new voters. This is the single most effective method a campaign has to getting voters, and because it is so important, many people overlook how much it sucks, because it simply must be done.

For a political science major or someone who is politically inclined, canvassing is a rite of passage, and a form of paying your dues in the field. Now, accepting that it will suck at least at some part, you will need to put on your game face, and outfit, to spread the word about your candidate.

Clothes-wise, in the summer, you will need clothes that are nice-ish to portray a nice campaign, while also comfertable, because you will be walking around for most of the day. This brings me to shoes. Some prefer converses, but those kill my feet, so I prefer the classic Rainbow sandal for summer treks across the city. A nice necklace to tie the outfit together and ray-bans complete the outfit. I strongly suggest carrying a backpack when you canvass not a tote-bag because literature is crazy heavy. Like crazy.

As far as attitude goes, just try your best and knock on as many doors as you can! Don't be afraid to talk to people, but definitely be aware of your surroundings. I spoke to a woman who was 100 years old recently, and besides getting her to vote for my candidate, I got to know her and what her life was like 50 and 70 years ago. So remember what I said about nice comfy clothes, a backpack and remember what Annie said "You're never fully dressed without a smile."
I love to read. There is nothing better than diving into a good book. So I thought I would bring my love of reading onto the web and make a book club on the blog. Because of the nature of Pearls & Political Science, the genres of the books will vary as well as include industry books in politics. A month after I post about the book, I will write what I thought and then discuss with y'all some things. I hope some of y'all participate...even if you dont end up speaking with me. So drum roll for our first book.....
The Victory Lab by Sasha Issenberg!

I am so excited to read this and I hope y'all are too! See you on July 26th!

There is something you always seem to hear from adults when the discussion of how one enters the job market comes up in conversation. Without fail, someone will mention that you must “pay your dues”.

As a member of a sorority, I get this. To enjoy all that my sorority has to offer, I must pay for my membership. I cannot vote in any sort of elections, or participate in any mixers, if my dues aren’t paid. And while I do not pay my dues; my mom kindly foots the bill (Thanks Mom!) I have friends who pay their dues by themselves. And believe me for them it isn’t fun. Sacrifices are made in order for the dues to be paid.

In the workplace for interns, it’s not much different. Paying your dues in the office isn’t fun. Whether it’s running for coffee or any of the other small assignments given to you, often times interns think they are above paying their dues. Many believe they should be able to dive head first and experience all that the office and their field has to offer but something we all must understand is first we must learn, do the grunt work, in other words, pay our dues before we start calling the shots.

I embrace and enjoy all that I am learning and doing at my internship(s) and job this summer, but if you ever wonder “Why am I doing this?” just remember: you got to crawl before you walk and you've got to pay your dues before going to  formal.

Hi there friends! I recently was visiting the cutest local store when I picked up a small little ring to wear while my class ring comes in from being re-ordered (I lost it at school!). I am not typically a ring-girl. I'm not dripping in cocktail rings and aside from the class ring, I don't wear much else ring-wise. This little ring is perfect though- silver, rope-looking- in a bow. When my nails look nice enough (I'll explain in another post) I'll be sure to upload a picture. Such cute little rings are out there right now, either to be stacked or to be worn on their own. It's hard not to fall in love with them all. Have y'all invested in any cute little rings recently?
Summer is a weird time for a college student. You are back home but you just want to be at school; especially if you have a job. I would like nothing more than to be back on campus to see friends, go to class (seriously) and go out. Even though I'm working in NYC, after work everyday (I usually end by 8 or 9pm) all I want to do is sleep, not go out. 

Last night however was something a little different. I went out for dinner with some girl friends from high school and it was a blast. A) We ran into Cameron Diaz. Amazing! She is so pretty in real life. Just stunning. Can I have her skin and body please? And while that was cool and fun, the magic didn't happen until I boarded the PATH train home.

There was a Wall Street kid on the train and we kept making eye contact and smiling--the typically flirty things strangers do. 30 minutes of making eyes at each other later, I got off the train and he tapped me on the shoulder. "Do you have any gum?" was his line of choice.  I smiled and confessed that I didn't and that I was so sorry because if I did I would've given him some. I smiled, wished him a good night and walked away (I wish I hadn't but I was just too tired to play).

I know this sounds super lame but it was a great thing for me to see that magic can happen away from campus and in day to day life. Nothing breaks up the doldrums of intern life quite like something a little unexpected.
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Today I have a day off, which is a remarkable gift. I currently have two internships (working on campaigns) and a part time job, so days off are extremely scarce; however, this one came right when I needed it to. My work typically consists of me knocking on doors, making calls, entering data, so while not particularly taxing, the commute and the late hours are killer.  Typically I get home from work around 9:30ish and I am passed out by 10:30. With not much time to recharge from work, it has been crazy important that in the free moments I have after work I take time to relax, breathe, get off of the computer and just recharge from the day.

Last night was a little different because my boss at my part-time job said he didn't need me at work today, which means I have one whole day to relax, recharge, and to get things done around the house to make the rest of my week easier.

From taking things to the recycling center, to doing some laundry, days off are great days to get some stuff done that will make the rest of the week easier. So today, this is what I am up to:
  • Laundry
  • Recycling
  • Donating old clothes
  • Cleaning
  • Dr. Appt
  • Relaxing
  • Watching some Homeland

When y'all get a day off (planned or not) how do you spend it? Vegging out on the couch or doing house work? Or are you like me and try to have a happy medium?
Every morning, after snoozing my alarm at least 4 times (I'm really trying to get better), I take my phone and read my email. Depending on how early it is, I can expect between 1 to 3 emails waiting joyfully for me to read. They are my daily newsletters and they truly are my saving grace. Each email, varying in size and format, updates me on news from around the world and in Washington. 

Quartz is my first email I receive, typically around 5:30 a.m. Marketed as financial news, I find Quartz extremely entertaining and very easy to understand, something that is a must for me when it comes to finance. Filled with enough international news to keep it interesting and not boring, Quartz is something I look forward to every morning and I keep up with their twitter account too. You can find the newsletter and their website here.

Second is Politico's Playbook by Mike Allen. Typically viewed as insider information, it is Washington's whose-who. If you have no interest in national politics (or better to say, aren't super obsessed) than you might want to skip it. I read it on and off and while it is very interesting, it is extremely dense so just a warning to tread lightly for the political novice. You can subscribe for the Playbook here.

Finally there is the Skimm. The Skimm is how I got started with newsletters. Geared towards women this is by far the best quick news anyone can get. From what's going on stateside to any other big news (celebrity or otherwise) Skimm is perfect for the savvy girl on the go. I cannot tell you how many times Skimm has caught me up on a political situation and saved my butt in class when the professor inevitably goes "So how about what's going on in the world? What do you think about situation X?" You can sign-up for the Skimm here.

Do y'all use any email newsletters? How do you stay current with the news?
I wasn't happy with the work that Tumblr was doing for my Pearls and Poli Sci account, simply because it was a secondary account and offered little control, compared to a primary blog, which I was used to. I am so excited to really get cracking here so please bare with me and together (yeah...I'm pretty sure I'm on my own) we (I) can make it through the transition....