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I am beyond happy to get back to y'all. I am so sorry I was gone for two weeks, but honestly, it would've been impossible to post. But now that Work Week and Recruitment are ovaaa I can get back to business. Bid Day is today and I am BEYOND excited to see our new girlies rocking our letters. I promise to upload a pic of the new pledge class but before I can get that to y'all, check out some picks from this week!
Our AMAZING new composite!
Ipda enjoyed learning about Pref conversation from our Formal Recruitment Chair/
Fishtails and Frat Tanks.
Our Bid Day banner, crafted by yours truly.
Love y'all so much! Have a good weekend!

I'm headed to Texas today! Two suitcases each weighing 50lb, 7 Boxes and two carry-ons later, I think I have everything. The next two week will be so crazy, but I promise to update y'all and keep up with blog posts. Have a good Saturday!


Okay so moving across the country back and forth and just now I'm falling in love with compression bags. How have I not used these before!?! Packing is getting easier every year, I swear!

The bags that I bought, by embark, do not need a vacuum and can be bought at target! Here is an image or the packaging

And here is the link. 5 bags for 21 bucks.

Again. I'm in love.