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Amazingly the midterm season is here already and I'm prepping like a mad woman. 
I'm taking Public Opinion right now and I am learning such fascinating things that I just have to share.
So take a seat, class is in session!
Every region of the U.S. has distinctive perspectives, attitudes and personalities. But how did we get like this? Has it always been like this? We've been discussing The American Nations by Colin Woodward and his theory reveals what makes the regions of the U.S. the distinctive regions that we know today.

One of the first regions we discussed is what Woodward calls "Yankeedom". Yankeedom consists of much of the NorthEast (pictured) as well as Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota. Founded by radical Calvinists (Puritans), residents of Yankeedom have the highest trust in the government as well as the highest rate of voter turnout. Education and literacy has been a key value in society since the colonization and expansionist ideals took place here.

Want to see how your region impacts your political outlook, opinion and involvement? Click read more below!

While this may not be a part of the book club, just bare with me. Grab Me Before You. Got it? Good. Now grab a box of tissues. No really, go get them.
I'm not a weepy reader. I don't love a good cry and honestly I don't get people who do. 
But this book. It should be sold with a box of tissues.
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Focused on the life of Louisa Clark,  a young girl who has never left her small English town, and her job as emotional caretaker of a man, Will Traynor,  who is a quadriplegic. Formerly an adventurous man, who loved to travel, Will sets to broaden Louisa's horizons, while Louisa is charged with ensuring Will enjoys his new life. 

Me Before You is a great story at face value but also has great life lessons within the subtext. Even the title suggests a course of action where one should put oneself before others. As I said, sob stories are not my thing, but this book is such a life changer and I wish I could read this book again for the first time. Yeah, it's that good.
Have you read Me Before You? What did you think?
Long time no see guys!
I'm really trying to get back on the horse here, so I want to share with y'all what I've been up to!
Here I am on Bid Day with my little Catherine! We had so much fun with a Texas theme and Catherine's Bid Day Buddy turned out to be her little as well! How amazing is that! This seems like such a long time ago, when it was only a month ago. So much has changed now, and classes have started, midterms have began and I'm trying to get back to blogging!

Here I am at Cowboys Stadium with one of my best friends, Kemberly, and one of my sweet sorority sisters, Claire. We had such great seats at the game and had an amazing time, even if TCU lost. If you have an opportunity to go to the stadium, do it, because it is AMAZING!

Finally, here I am at a party with one of my sisters, Tane. It has been so nice to get back to the way life normally is here, not doing recruitment or Big/Little stuff. I can get back to having a typical school life, trying to balance commitments, going out and just being my 20 year old self.

Hope y'all have enjoyed this little snapshot into my life! I will be trying to post as much as possible. Love y'all to death!


The big three in life. Faith, hope and love. 
Easier said than done but its important to at least try
Here's what I've been up to

Faith: I've been really diving into my faith recently. I don't speak about it formally or even with friends, but there is nothing better than feeling that you need to rekindle your faith and actually do it. Try reading the Bible/Torah/Qur'an for a little. Or if that's not your jam (it wasn't mine for a while) try an inspirational book.  If you aren't ready, that's fine, but you never know unless you try

Hope: Hope can be difficult during the busy weeks. Tests, projects, work and other commitments can bog you down and make you see only the negative in life. But try to be more hopeful or optimistic during the week and you will see how great the world can be.

Love: I've been making an effort recently to extend love to all of those around me. It's more harder for some than others but nevertheless I am making the effort to treat all with love and compassion.

These are my big three, what are yours?
The reason for my return is because I'm coming down with a cold. A knock-down, drag-out, make you its bitch, just kill me now cold. I know that may be a little extreme, but I rarely get sick. Stomach flu during recruitment? Missed it. Swine Flu? Never had it. I got chickenpox when I was little. I had one pox and it didn't itch. I typically don't get sick.
But here I am, week 3 of classes and I've come down with a cold. I am tired, can't concentrate and have some time on my hands, which makes me think "ahhh, yes, let's dive back in. "

Taking care of oneself is one of the most complicated parts of being an "adult". When I was little, if I was getting run down, my parents would substitute a nap instead of a play-date. But when I'm in charge of my schedule, I have total FOMO (fear of missing out) so I become completely and totally run-down. And thus I am sick. 
Two ways I like to take care of myself is sleep and drinking tea. I sleep. A lot. Because it is one of my primary ways of relaxing. But sleep really can help you avoid sickness and just recharge you.  There is nothing better than an afternoon nap or napping before going out at night. Or a lunchtime nap. Let me just admit it, I love naps.
The second way I take care of myself is I drink tea. Lots and lots of plain (nothing added) cups of Earl Grey tea. No, I'm not British, but I can agree with the beliefs that a good cup of tea can fix anything.

So while I go off to the health center to see if they have something stronger than DayQuil for me, how do y'all take care of yourself?
Well, hey there friends. I've been gone a while, but now that I'm settled into school, things are getting easier, and I can rededicate time to y'all. I am so sorry I've been gone, but it's good to be back.