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This has been a strange week.  Monday and Tuesday, I didn't have class because it was Fall Break. I spent the time lounging around, running some much needed errands (Halloween costume anyone?)  and just getting my act together before school got started up again. 
Wednesday, classes started up again. I had a stressful lab as well as Panhellenic meeting. Topped of with the  first night of initiation, it was safe to say I was back to reality.
Thursday, in the midst of classes, meetings and more initiation, I got food poisoning. Like skip every class I have, curl up in a ball and try to pass out, food poisoning. My sisters and friends were great about seeing if I needed anything, but when it comes to stuff like that, I don't know about y'all, I just prefer to be left alone.
Now, as I start to regain my appetite and go back to classes I realize that this week may not have had much
going on in terms of school work, but I was busy none the less.


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