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With all the stress of recruitment, its hard to remember what you must have with you between rounds. If you are an active or a PNM here is what you should grab when you have a free moment.
First- Dove Body Spray. It is hot and gross. You need to smell good. No matter what. Even if you don't think you smell. You might. So don't go over board. Especially when they say don't wear perfume. A couple spritzes in the morning and you are golden. Typically I use perfumes like CLEAN but Dove actually stays on all day--what a concept!

Second- Secret Clinical Strength. This is a duh. No embarrassing sweat-marks to worry about. And no that smell isn't you. Win-Win.

Third-With the heat, you may be tempted to use make up removing wipes, but that totally defeats the purpose of the time you spent on your makeup at the crack of dawn. Oil blotting wipes will save you from the shiny look and the drama

Fourth- A nice re-application of mascara, mid-day, will make you appear fresh--faced. I choose a pharmacy brand for my kit because if it goes missing between rounds I won't be heartbroken or out some serious (okay serious-ish) money.

Fifth-A comb/brush/thing to put to your head. Hair is weird and never perfect. Fix yourself and make sure you look the part by giving your hair a little bit of a brush between round.

I know this will be in my kit duri

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