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            As the week of recruitment wound down, I began to be faced with what chapter I would eventually call home. I was looking for a place where I knew I would belong, not just because they wanted me, or because their name was known as top tier, but because I connected with the sisters on a personal level and I could see myself being friends with the girls.
            When I looked back on the chapters I met with, only one stood out to me as one where I had real, legitimate connections. There was only one house where I felt at ease and where everything just seemed to click.

            I had heard some negative things about the chapter. Which is true for every chapter. No sorority has a 100% positive reputation and I made the choice to not believe the hype, but rather, trust my instinct and pick the house where I didn’t have to pretend to be something that I’m not.

            Two years later, I cannot imagine picking another sorority. Infact, I’ve had dreams where I had to pick again, given all the choices, I still picked my chapter because it is where I feel most comfortable.

            As you go through recruitment, try to find the place where you can be yourself, where you don’t feel judged. Don’t listen to what other people are saying, don’t listen to negative comments about any sorority. Try it out for yourself and remember, trust your gut.



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