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There is something you always seem to hear from adults when the discussion of how one enters the job market comes up in conversation. Without fail, someone will mention that you must “pay your dues”.

As a member of a sorority, I get this. To enjoy all that my sorority has to offer, I must pay for my membership. I cannot vote in any sort of elections, or participate in any mixers, if my dues aren’t paid. And while I do not pay my dues; my mom kindly foots the bill (Thanks Mom!) I have friends who pay their dues by themselves. And believe me for them it isn’t fun. Sacrifices are made in order for the dues to be paid.

In the workplace for interns, it’s not much different. Paying your dues in the office isn’t fun. Whether it’s running for coffee or any of the other small assignments given to you, often times interns think they are above paying their dues. Many believe they should be able to dive head first and experience all that the office and their field has to offer but something we all must understand is first we must learn, do the grunt work, in other words, pay our dues before we start calling the shots.

I embrace and enjoy all that I am learning and doing at my internship(s) and job this summer, but if you ever wonder “Why am I doing this?” just remember: you got to crawl before you walk and you've got to pay your dues before going to  formal.



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