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For the month of July, the book club was going to be reading Victory Lab by Sasha Issenberg. This is typically known as the modern Bible in political campaign. I was so eager to read Victory Lab because I am working on campaigns right now and I want to learn more about the business of it.
Victory Lab is definitely only for those politically inclined. It was interesting to read but I could easily see how readers who really don't care about the campaigns would be bored within the first couple of pages. I had studied a lot of the people discussed in the book in my Political Science classes so...okay I confess, I was bored with Victory Lab as well.
I was totally hoping to just eat it up but no. It was dry--and I like Political Science.

Have any of y'all read Victory Lab? What did y'all think?

For the next Pearls and Political Science Book Club we are going to be reading:

Smart Women Finish Rich by David Bach. 
Financial independence is something that means a lot to me, and let's be honest, i'm not the most financially responsible. Let's work on improving that together!


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