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With the crazy-ness that is in the world, I honestly believe that being positive, whenever it is possible, is the best thing to do. At my internships (which I am loving now more than ever by the way), negativity is a major thing. From a coworker with a sour attitude about everything to people fretting over voter turnout and canvass shifts, for a while it was just too much for me. We have a 70% confirmation rate? That's great! We can improve, but let's just acknowledge how great that is!
People are unaware of how toxic their negativity can be, but I'm sure you know what I am talking about. Their negativity spreads, like a cancer, around the office, causing people to be rude to one another as well as bring down the general office environment. Campaigns are hectic, with people on limited amounts of sleep and addicted to caffeine stimulants, but I think despite all this activity that we should work hard, make the effort, to "be a rainbow in someone else's cloud." That Maya Angelou is a very smart lady.

So smile, get treats for the office, and put your best foot forward. 
Tomorrow is Friday!


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