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The big three in life. Faith, hope and love. 
Easier said than done but its important to at least try
Here's what I've been up to

Faith: I've been really diving into my faith recently. I don't speak about it formally or even with friends, but there is nothing better than feeling that you need to rekindle your faith and actually do it. Try reading the Bible/Torah/Qur'an for a little. Or if that's not your jam (it wasn't mine for a while) try an inspirational book.  If you aren't ready, that's fine, but you never know unless you try

Hope: Hope can be difficult during the busy weeks. Tests, projects, work and other commitments can bog you down and make you see only the negative in life. But try to be more hopeful or optimistic during the week and you will see how great the world can be.

Love: I've been making an effort recently to extend love to all of those around me. It's more harder for some than others but nevertheless I am making the effort to treat all with love and compassion.

These are my big three, what are yours?


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