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It's Sunday, so while I'm gearing up for the week, I always like to think about something, so I'm going to share with y'all.
Let's be honest, the world we live in (at least in the US) is materialistic. Pinterest is a website dedicated to things we want. Instagram is an app to show off what we have (as well as embarrassingly funny childhood pictures). And it's not like I don't love it. I love finding new things, pining over things I want. I love any occasion to validate my shopping habits.

But I do think it's important to take time, a least once a day and mediate on how grateful I truly am.  
As Ferris Bueller says "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it", and I like to think of the habit of being grateful as the same thing. It's so easy to want for everything, that if you don't slow down and appreciate what you have, you'll miss all that you are blessed with.
Okay enough of my spiel. Hope you have a good Sunday and stay cool!



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