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And just like that, my internships are over. It seems like they just started and now here they are, over.
I've had a great time on the campaigns, working in New York and exploring the city.
I saw some celebrities (Cameron Diaz, John Mulaney) and helped out with two campaigns that were and still are great.
Internships are an amazing experience to have because not only does it tell you what you also tells you what you don't like--which is half the battle of self doubt in college.

As I ended my internships I made sure to do a couple of things
First, I met with my bosses and tied up loose ends. We discussed recommendation letters and references, which is exactly what you need at the end of an internship so that was great.
Second, I wrote thank-you notes. Just as you would thank someone for keeping you at their home or giving you a gift, your boss gave you the internship, so they should be thanked accordingly.
Third, I connected (or am connecting) to people from my internship on FB and Linkedin. Friends on FB, Bosses on Linkedin. Simple as that.

The experiences I've had through my internship have been amazing and while some of the things I did, weren't my favorite, I'm glad I did them to learn.


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