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There is a silent epidemic striking the United States. It affects those who cannot provide for themselves and puts them at risk. Do you know what it is? Suicide? Nope. An STD? Nope. High School Dropouts? Nope
image via Huggies
It's diaper insecurity. Bet you didn't guess that.

In a new study by Yale, it is found that 30 percent of new mothers cannot afford diapers for their babies. Clean diapers are essential for babies, as anyone knows if they've been around a baby. Clean diapers not only make the baby comfortable (anything is better than chilling in your own filth) but also protects the baby against infection.

The study also notes that in many anti-poverty campaigns, diapers are often at the bottom of the list or forgotten completely. With diapers costing 6% of the income of a woman on minimum wage, it's believable that there are many children across the US facing health risks as well as physical discomfort.

To me this is insane. Diapers are basic for babies. It falls in the same area as food, security and shelter.  And to think that these needs aren't being met across the nation, is greatly distressing. To put it bluntly, babies need diapers. Like they need them. Non-negotiable. 

AND Diapers aren't covered by SNAP (food stamps) or WIC (Women, Infants and Children), both federal programs aimed at helping those in poverty. When diapers for the week can start at $18, its obvious that mothers need help.

Next time you want to help out around your community, try seeing if your local homeless shelter will take a diaper donation, or donate to The National Diaper Bank Fund

This isn't a charity of the month. I just think it's crazy that so many moms have problems finding diapers, that they aren't covered by federal programs and that babies are so afflicted by this "silent epidemic".

Here's a cute pic of some babies to put you in a better mood after that little rant
image via Evan Kafka
Thanks to the CBS News for covering this article and Quartz for talking about it in their newsletter a couple of days ago.


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