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So something happened today and honestly I really can't believe it happened.

Today I ran over to Au Bon Pain to grab some lunch. I picked up some watermelon and some greek yogurt. Feeling good about my nutritional choices (aka not getting a bagel), I got in line  when a guy approached me. I wouldn't say he was homeless, but probably one of the millions of New Yorkers who go hungry everyday. He was muttering under his breath and at first I thought he was talking about being on a hunger strike and wanting me to sign a petition or something. So my initial thought was  "good for you...doing what you believe in", it actually turns out that he was hungry and wanted some the Au Bon Pain. He could've asked me for food and I would've bought it (honestly, if he asked nicely and at a normal volume I would have) but he didn't. I just said (as watermelon juice is dripping down my arm) that I didn't have any cash on me (the truth-I don't keep cash on me) and he kept asking in that low voice and I kept saying the same thing  "Sorry, I don't have any cash".

Finally, after the fifth time he just looked at me and said, at normal, if not loud, volume "You shouldn't be eating anyway"  before walking away. Thank god all I was getting for lunch was yogurt and watermelon or I really would've wanted to die. I then paid and walked over to get my fork and spoon when he approached me again. This time I simply said "Fuck off", which he responded with "God bless you miss, God bless you".

Let me just say, I am not thin. Like at all. But I am also not fat. I have shape and curves but a flat tummy and I work hard to get into good shape. Right now it isn't great, but I'm literally working myself to death, so I'm willing to make some concessions for sleep. Still, this is one of the worst things a girl can hear. When a girl hears,  "You shouldn't be eating anyway", millions of thoughts collect in her mind, "Is he right?" "How bad do I look?" "No one says I'm fat, maybe I really am and no one will tell me" etc etc

Looking back hours later, I can laugh at it but it still is supremely strange and not fun and absolutely absurd. Well that happened....


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