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Oh canvassing. Young people in politics dread you, and admire your power. But mostly dread you. Canvassing is the act of knocking on doors during a campaign and trying to spread the word about your candidate, while also getting new voters. This is the single most effective method a campaign has to getting voters, and because it is so important, many people overlook how much it sucks, because it simply must be done.

For a political science major or someone who is politically inclined, canvassing is a rite of passage, and a form of paying your dues in the field. Now, accepting that it will suck at least at some part, you will need to put on your game face, and outfit, to spread the word about your candidate.

Clothes-wise, in the summer, you will need clothes that are nice-ish to portray a nice campaign, while also comfertable, because you will be walking around for most of the day. This brings me to shoes. Some prefer converses, but those kill my feet, so I prefer the classic Rainbow sandal for summer treks across the city. A nice necklace to tie the outfit together and ray-bans complete the outfit. I strongly suggest carrying a backpack when you canvass not a tote-bag because literature is crazy heavy. Like crazy.

As far as attitude goes, just try your best and knock on as many doors as you can! Don't be afraid to talk to people, but definitely be aware of your surroundings. I spoke to a woman who was 100 years old recently, and besides getting her to vote for my candidate, I got to know her and what her life was like 50 and 70 years ago. So remember what I said about nice comfy clothes, a backpack and remember what Annie said "You're never fully dressed without a smile."


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