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Here's some things that have grabbed my attention recently. Links, recipes, instas, that I love all in one place.
1.  The Study Buddy mix by mor-iarty on 8tracks
Forget my iTunes, my Spotify, this playlist is my jam.
I've been rediscovering my faith recently, a large part thanks to She Reads Truth, a online devotional group that is Pinterest pretty (aesthetics matter let's not get it twisted), while delivering a great message. Nothing too preachy, and all very low key-- 100% my style.
Camp Brand Goods is a boutique clothing outfitter but while I haven't gotten anything from the shop yet, I'm straight up obsessed with their instagram. How beautiful are these pictures?

I just love good little things that help make my day a little more fun or beautiful. What's been seeking y'alls attention recently?


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