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It Clueless' 18th birthday and if Cher and the gang threw a birthday party, you might see some unexpected guests at the festivities; economists. Really? Economists like Cher Horowitz? What?
Is it because most of them are "virgins who can't drive?" Or do they like Cher's happy-go-lucky outlook on life?

Actually it's neither. They love what Cher does throughout the movie. She's a matchmaker, implementing a super-challenging theory to work out her pairings. Bet you didn't know that. Clueless implements Game Theory for the work that Cher Horowitz does. I really don't know how to describe Game Theory--it involves planning and anticipating your opponents moves/choices and making your own based on theirs---but its used in statistics, economics and political science. 

Another classic that uses Game Theory? Emma by Jane Austen, the novel that Clueless is based on. Jane Austen is the grandmother of this theory and she even implements it in Pride and Prejudice through Mrs. Bennet.

How cool is that? There is more of Cher to love and there's also a little bit to learn. Who would've thought? 
To learn more about it, check out the Freakonomics Podcast (transcript available) who explains the cool phenomenon in great detail. You can listen to the podcast below!


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