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I love Boxwood plants. They are classically beautiful and all around just preppy as all get out. Unfortunately, they are extremely expensive, and more difficult to care for than you might think of. I really wanted one, but I can barely take care of this blog, much less a high-maintence plant so I decided to make my own. 

I am never an advocate for fake plants, but with this little D.I.Y. they look less like they belong in your great-aunt's house and more appropriate for someone in their 20 somethings.
All you need is 1 Boxwood plant, from Michaels, 1 terra-cotta pot, and white spray paint. This project will cost around $15 bucks---way cheaper than people offering them for $50.  All you must do is spray the pot white and wait for it to dry. Put the plant in the pot, and display!
Here is my Boxwood plant for y'all

Happy crafting!


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