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After a long week, you've made it. It is Bid Day and PNMS and Actives are beyond happy. PNMs can't wait to meet their new sisters and get all "sratty"; Actives can't wait to take a much needed nap. The day starts out with high anticipation, and usually ends with a fun activity and maybe a sleepover. What isn't to love.
PNMs and Actives alike have so many new people to meet, it may seem overwhelming but just remember that these are your sisters now, the system works and it will work out for the best. As you step away from Bid Day, as school starts, or are thrown into the normal schedule of classes, each group has accomplished something great: making it through recruitment.

At my school, there is a large presentation to the PNMs about how large of a  responsibility wearing letters is. The video, meant to be taken extremely serious, shows PNMs that the sisterhoods that they will join take their membership seriously and their commitment shouldn't be taken lightly. 
In this vein, here is a little poem I found about sororities, which I believe is extremely timely for Bid Day and Beyond.
via Vintage Greek
While Bid Days are always special, I believe it is the moments beyond Bid Day, that are the most important. Bid Days are beginnings, and sororities are about the entire journey. I am so excited for anyone completing this journey. 
Hope everyone is having an amazing Monday!



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