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Welcome to the first day of Greek Week!
I had vocabulary tests and spelling tests all throughout school; I thought once I finished the SAT I was done, but oh I was wrong. Being a member of a Greek organization comes with its own vocabulary/jargon and sometimes it can be confusing. That's why I've decided to kick off Greek Week with a little vocabulary lesson so that way we are on the same page for the rest of the week.
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So let's get started shall we?
PNM- A girl who is not yet a member of a sorority.

Recruitment- The process in which a PNM joins a chapter. No longer referred to as "rush"

Pref- Short for Preference. This is the last "day" of recruitment where PNMs are invited to intimate events where members discuss what their sorority means to them. At this point a PNM is asking herself "Are these my sisters?"

Bid Day- This is the day where PNMs find out which chapter they belong to. Very high stress and emotion. Typically involves a fun activity with the chapter and perhaps a sleep over.

Legacy- Girls whose mothers, sisters, aunts etc were members of the sorority.

Intentional Single Preferencing (Suiciding)- I put the formal name first because I'm trying to be as correct as possible. No one calls it this. This is when girls are invited to more than one Pref event and at the end of the day, instead of ranking her choices, she only put down one. This is something no PNM should do (I don't care if you are a triple legacy, the girl said you would be her little or anything, just don't do it) Often times girls who pariticpate in intentional single preferencing are not given a sorority on Bid Day.

That should be good for right now. For Actives, are there any other words that confused you when you went through?

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