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When you are an active, recruitment is typically a time when you can't pick out what to wear, so I won't go over what actives can wear. PNMs are typically told what to wear from the Panhellenic Council,  and while what I give you are examples of what I would wear, remember that you should wear something that you are comfortable in, that expresses who you are and something that looks BEST on your body. 
Here we go:
Day 1 at most schools is a day when PNMs are given plain t-shirts to wear, and thus I give a basic look with a white t-shirt here. A nice set of shorts, with matching jewelry and sandals will keep you cool and feeling great on Day 1.
Day 2 is a little more dressy, but still pretty casual. A nice dress and simple flats is all that you need for this day.
Day 3 is a day girls typically describe as "church clothes" or "what you wear when your bf brings you to his grandma's house". I recommend another nice dress, with a necklace, wedges (if you are comfortable wearing them) and a bracelet.
Pref Day! Last day of recruitment. Actives have lost their voices and you are getting nervous. Today is the day to dress to impress. This is a very nice cocktail dress. No prom dresses. Here I give you 2 examples.
Now these are my recommendations for the different days of Recruitment. If you have any questions or you want to know what I think a dress would be good for just leave me a comment and we can talk! Happy Wednesday Y'all!


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