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When it comes to money, I am the stereotype for a millennial girl. Most (including myself) might see me as financially irresponsible at times, and I really wish I wasn't  Seeing as I am  college, my parents still give me a stipend or allowance every month. So I go from feeling flush with cash, to being too broke for Ramen noodles. Or at least I did. After several months of this, I realized something had to change, so I downloaded Mint.
Mint is a website, app, and an easy way to track your finances, set budgets and be an overall ninja with your money for free. As soon as I started syncing my accounts to Mint's secure system, I began to take notice of my accounts. Did I really spend that much? On stationary? Not any more!
Mint makes you stop and take notice of what you are spending, where you are spending it and how much you are spending a month. 

There is nothing more satisfying that knowing you are being responsible with your income (even if it is teeny-tiny) and not having to worry that you aren't going to have enough for gas, food or whatever your necessities are.

Check it out at or in the app store today!


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