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So in this day and age, you can't just know English. You can't. No one wants to hire someone who can speak just one language, especially in politics. And I'll be frank, languages aren't my friend, 
English, totally fine. Got that one down.
Spanish? 10 years later still struggling a little
French: 1 semester down and I'm just like ehhh no...
So what's a girl to do?
Duolingo is a great website/app that helps you learn languages on your own time in a fun, easy way for free. Totally 100% free. Not pay later, free trial, but free.
Right now the languages are limited, but regardless, the site is great because I can brush up on my Spanish while also trying out German.
Go ahead, try it out if you are trying to learn a new language or improve your current skills.

What've you got to lose?


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