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I know I'm not the only one who feels that sometimes, life can get a little overwhelming. From jobs, school, internships, sorority work, club memberships and hanging out with friends, I feel that, especially during the school year, I'm always exceptionally busy, if not overwhelmed. Freshman year I would cry because I had no idea what to do...which solved nothing. 
Now, what will be two years later (where does the time go??) I have ways to make sure I am organized. First let me start with the basics.
My Erin Condren planner is my life. Plain and simple. With two page calendars, days broken down by time (Morning, afternoon and evening), stickers, important dates and more it is hard not to be totally obsessed. Did I mentioned it was personalized? This planner is a little expensive, but it lasts for 12-14 months depending on when it is ordered and I honestly use it everyday.

I hate clutter. I admit that I dislike throwing somethings away. Therefore, I love document boxes. Martha Stewart for Staples has adorable boxes in white, sky blue, and brown and with little stickies that can be bought for a small price, these look like the expensive ones you find at the Container Store or Barnes and Noble. Now I have a place for my sports certificates from high school and places to put my better papers and tests (How can you throw out an 100%?)

Finally, in the physical world, I love desk calendars. Before going to college I would spend ages in Staples, part of that dedicating to finding the least bent desk calendar. Having it all out there in front of you is extremely helpful for planning as well as proving to yourself that you only have to get through a couple of crazy days before things calm down. This Russel+ Hazel desk calendar is definetly my next purchase for back-to-school organization
First is Evernote. Evernote is a gift sent from the technological gods. It deserves it's own post (see tomorrow). 

Grades 2 is also my grades savior. When professors don't put grades online, the end of the semester can seem like Russian Roulette with you have no idea what your GPA will be. Grades 2 takes all the guess work out. Just enter your syllabus and your grades as you get them, Grades 2 will do the math and tell you what you will need to make on each test, paper and quiz etc to get your target grade.

iStudiez Pro is a great app for the hyper organized--it's a planner on your phone, iPad and computer. I use it in combination with my Erin Condren planner to figure out exactly what I need to do when so my life is as stress-free as possible for a college student.

School is little more than a month away for me (and most Southern school), and maybe a little longer for Northern schools and those on the trimester system-- but being in that organization mindset, how do you get organized?


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