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Every morning, after snoozing my alarm at least 4 times (I'm really trying to get better), I take my phone and read my email. Depending on how early it is, I can expect between 1 to 3 emails waiting joyfully for me to read. They are my daily newsletters and they truly are my saving grace. Each email, varying in size and format, updates me on news from around the world and in Washington. 

Quartz is my first email I receive, typically around 5:30 a.m. Marketed as financial news, I find Quartz extremely entertaining and very easy to understand, something that is a must for me when it comes to finance. Filled with enough international news to keep it interesting and not boring, Quartz is something I look forward to every morning and I keep up with their twitter account too. You can find the newsletter and their website here.

Second is Politico's Playbook by Mike Allen. Typically viewed as insider information, it is Washington's whose-who. If you have no interest in national politics (or better to say, aren't super obsessed) than you might want to skip it. I read it on and off and while it is very interesting, it is extremely dense so just a warning to tread lightly for the political novice. You can subscribe for the Playbook here.

Finally there is the Skimm. The Skimm is how I got started with newsletters. Geared towards women this is by far the best quick news anyone can get. From what's going on stateside to any other big news (celebrity or otherwise) Skimm is perfect for the savvy girl on the go. I cannot tell you how many times Skimm has caught me up on a political situation and saved my butt in class when the professor inevitably goes "So how about what's going on in the world? What do you think about situation X?" You can sign-up for the Skimm here.

Do y'all use any email newsletters? How do you stay current with the news?


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