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The above quote is from a scholarly article by Weiler (for you Political Science nerds out there), that I recently read for my Public Opinion class, but it really struck a nerve with me. Weiler, when discussing authoritarianism, is discussing how you can't confuse how people act, with their actual attitudes, or who they are, something I think we can all agree is true, even if we all study different things.

This week, I got kicked out of one of my classes. I'm a good student. An obsessive student. I haven't gotten in trouble since maybe 4th grade, yet here I was, 20 years old, getting kicked out of class. I was using my laptop to take notes, as I typically well as surfing the web, Pinterest, working on blog ideas, etc, when 3 classmates and I were promptly booted from the room, without warning. 

 My behavioral manifestation and my actual attitude towards classes differ, but I realized, that what matters is the behavior, not the attitude. I could be all gun-ho about school, but if professors only see a sorority girl on Pinterest, then that's what they see and that's what they know. 

From now on, I will be conscious of if my behavioral manifestations match my actual attitudes, because if you don't walk the walk, why would it matter that you talk the talk?


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