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Long time no see guys!
I'm really trying to get back on the horse here, so I want to share with y'all what I've been up to!
Here I am on Bid Day with my little Catherine! We had so much fun with a Texas theme and Catherine's Bid Day Buddy turned out to be her little as well! How amazing is that! This seems like such a long time ago, when it was only a month ago. So much has changed now, and classes have started, midterms have began and I'm trying to get back to blogging!

Here I am at Cowboys Stadium with one of my best friends, Kemberly, and one of my sweet sorority sisters, Claire. We had such great seats at the game and had an amazing time, even if TCU lost. If you have an opportunity to go to the stadium, do it, because it is AMAZING!

Finally, here I am at a party with one of my sisters, Tane. It has been so nice to get back to the way life normally is here, not doing recruitment or Big/Little stuff. I can get back to having a typical school life, trying to balance commitments, going out and just being my 20 year old self.

Hope y'all have enjoyed this little snapshot into my life! I will be trying to post as much as possible. Love y'all to death!




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